Neast is the one-stop destination where you can meet all your Lingerie needs. For women, Lingerie is an essential part of their dressing and we at Neast want to help women choose Lingerie in their comfort zone. Be it your regular comfortable bra and panty or bikini sets for the beach, we have it all in our store. At Neast we offer women a wide category of products starting from Bra, Panty, Bikini sets, Appealing Sets to lingerie for brides to make their first night special. To meet more of your shopping needs, Neast has extended its limits from Lingerie to Daywear and Nightwear Collection. We have jeans, dresses, stockings, tops and much more daywear collection added to our online store. At Neast believe that women are beautiful irrespective of what sizes they are. We have specially added the plus-size collection so that women feel more confident shopping Lingerie online. 


Neast appreciates the fact that today women are more confident and bold about how they look and how confidently they carry themselves in Lingerie. Today women have broken all the stereotypes and are confident wearing lingerie. This confidence in them is sexy and we at Neast support it wholeheartedly. We want women to know lingerie makes you look “Never naked, always bold’’.

Our Tagline never naked, always bold supports the fact that lingerie is like any other attire and it is no more to be kept a secret. You are free to make bold statements and create a great fashion impact in the world with whatever you wear and how you want to present yourself.

The modern woman is experimental and her style keeps evolving. We at Neast want to provide all kinds of Lingerie to women that help them be the best version of themselves.


Neast has a huge category of lingerie with a wide size range and pricing. At Neast, we allow our customers to comfortably choose their size and the type of lingerie they want for their special occasions. 

Our Team at Neast focuses on providing good quality and variety to our customers. For that, we have a team dedicated to choosing products that can meet customer’s satisfaction and deliver it to you on your doorstep. We have a complete range of lingerie that suits the needs of every woman out there.

At our store, you will enjoy unlimited discounts, offers and sales. Our timely delivery, discrete packaging and shipping across India helps us get closer to you than you can ever imagine. Your privacy is our priority, Hence we deliver your orders right to your doorstep by partnering only with trustable courier companies.


Neast is founded with the vision:

  1. Help Indian women feel more confident about their body and comfortably shop lingerie.
  2. To provide them with the best quality and widest varieties of lingerie for any occasion. 
  3. Break all the stereotypes as to what to wear.


Our mission at Neast is to see more women coming forward and shopping Lingerie confidently and removing the barriers made by society. Every woman deserves to wear comfortable lingerie and we want to give voice to them.

We want to be one of the best online Lingerie shopping stores with great quality and best customer service in the more coming years.


We dedicated our store to women who want to wear Lingerie with confidence and grace. When it comes to being bold, your size doesn’t matter. What matters is how confident you are about your body and who you are. Neast supports every woman who wants to bring about a change in society and empowers them to be confident anytime and anywhere.

Get ready to enjoy a roller coaster ride with us and a Lingerie shopping experience for a lifetime. Neast is created for you to help you choose better!